Lately I haven’t noticed when it’s dark out 

We’ve been shrouded by a dark cloud 

And I’m feeling a flood 

Maybe I need to get back to my baby 

I need a hug from my old lady 

Someone to love 



Hold me to 

All that I do 

Drain it right out 

Drain it right out 

Hold me to 

All that I do 

Drain it right out 

Drain it right out 

Well, fault me for saying what I think but 



Ain't Lost Yet

There's a fork in the road 

And you know that you'll cross it 

Don't know which way to go 

But you you know you ain't lost yet 

Maybe I know how it feels 

No guiding light for progress 

Pushing you…



I’ve been waiting so damn long 

For you to come along and 

Bring me down 

Should’ve knew it all along 

The way you came upon me 

And tore me down 

And I never said I didn’t miss you 

But damn…


Two Sides

There’s a man in his car next to me 

Getting mad, thinks I cut him off 

On the other side is a girl looking good 

I think I just got lost 

Lookin’ out this window 

At long road ahead I…



Met me in the hall 

Pins in a doll 

You had put a spell on me 

So out of touch 

As I feel the rush 

Amphetamine energy 

Drank from the vial 

Straight down the aisle 

Cleansed like a remedy 



All at Stake 

I watched it as it 

All fell down 

I watched it as it 

Crumbled to the ground 

Don’t let me see that 

Smile on your face 

Blind to what’s all at stake 

Never gonna stop 

Just go 

No fighting anymore 


Casa Amor 

Saw this one girl put a cat 

A cat amongst the pigeons 

Looked her in the eye, dead in the eye 

Right before she lipped him 

It’s a mad house with the money on the line 

Can’t be an “us”…



You are the only one who 

Could convince me 

That living forever 

Could be a good thing 

Let's go where palm trees grow 

And the sun's shining 

Happiness is fleeting 

But I can't shake this feeling 

When I'm with you 


First Time Caller, Long Time Listener 

We're living on the edge a little bit 

Pushing past the guards and the elephant 

Love can be a poison or an antidote 

Depending on your mood and last anecdote 

Quiet quiet quiet 

Now loudly 

Quiet quiet quiet 

Now loudly 


Big Plans 

Gypsies on the run 

From the land of trees 


Begging for more imagery 

Narcissism on the rise 

Filler of the hive mind 

Wishing for variety 

Had all the fun 

Now you see you're free 


Chains for all that…


Kill Your Idols 

"Let the lord in" 

Said the bishop to the nun 

Abortion is a sin 

Well, here’s my loaded gun 

If everyone’s concerned for the sheep, 

Who's watching out for the wolves? 

Inherit the earth 

Blessed are the meek 

When they…