About the band

The Haha Charade story began in basements, living rooms, and garages. The band's underground following led to their founding in September 2018. Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, the Salesianum grads and Michigander frontman started releasing music in March of 2019. 

Haha Charade merges different genres to coin their unique style, which they attribute to a collaborative artistic approach to everything from songwriting to artwork and performance. The band consists of vocalists and guitarists Alex Wade and Justin Lefler, bassist Matt Bowe, and drummer Brendan McBride.  

With three main songwriters in the group, each writer brings their own independent influences, from Punk, Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Reggae and Hip Hop. But overall, their sound roots in a love of Indie.  

Influences include The Strokes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rebelution, with satirically charged lyrics influenced by bands such as Arctic Monkeys and State Radio. This creates the noteworthy, psychedelic, surfy vibe that can be found on their March of 2019 debut EP, We Are the Wolves EP.  

They released Goodbye Juliet, The Reversal, and Seasons in late 2019 in anticipation of their self-titled album in January of 2020. They are currently recording their sophomore album at Occupy Studio in Newark, which is slated for release in December 2020. 

A Little Bit More About Who We Are

  - Current acts you like: Arctic Monkeys, Grouplove, Portugal. The Man, Cage the Elephant, Local Natives, RHCP, the Kooks, Kings of Leon, Rebelution, The Front Bottoms 

  - Favorite all time bands: Beatles, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, RHCP, Incubus, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Led Zeppelin 

  - Desert island discs: Breakfast in America – Supertamp, Whatever You Say I Am, I Am Not – Arctic Monkeys, Legend – Bob Marley, Youth and Young Manhood - Kings of Leon, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles, Deja Entendu – Brand New, Everything In Transit – Jack’s Mannequin, Us Against the Crown – State Radio, Does This Look Infected? – Sum41, Gorilla Manor - Local Natives, Year of the Crow - State Radio 

- Favorite instrument brands : Fender, PRS, Tarra, Evans, Vic Firth 

- Several sites and/or blogs you regularly visit: Pitchfork, NPR tiny desk concerts, Malcom Gladwell and Rick Rubin’s Broken Record, No Effects with Jesse Cohen 

- Favorite films/docs about music: 

Docs- The Beatles Anthology, DIG!, Marley, Muscle Shoals, George Harrison: Living in the Material World, Above Us Only Sky, The Clash: Westway to the World, The Rise and Fall of The Clash, Stop Making Sense, Quincy 

Movies- Almost Famous, Whiplash, Walk the Line, Pink Floyd: The Wall, School of Rock, Across the Universe, Wayne’s World, The Dirt, Walk Hard, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The History of Future Folk 

- Favorite music venues: Union Transfer, Electric Factory, Red Rocks, Festival Pier, The Intersection (Grand Rapids, MI), Firefly Festival, The Bottle & Cork 

- Are you a foodie: half are, half aren’t. 

- Places you like to travel to: The beach. Any beach. Alex likes traveling back to home (in West Michigan) and also to Iceland and Buenos Aires, Argentina. He even lived there for a couple months. Matt’s favorite place is Naples, FL and the Caribbean. J’s: Europe, the beach, planning to visit Russia and Bulgaria summer 2020. 

- Music publications/sites you like: Used to like Rolling Stone and Spin, but they fell off. Alternative Press is still good. I look at Stereogum every now and again. Variety, too. I’m on a bunch of reddit threads/subs dedicated to different genres of music. My friend Pat fills me in with all the music gossip. He’s my new Rolling Stone. Spotify curates fantastic Discover Weekly’s for me. 

- Yoga/meditation…? spiritual point of view: We meditate. Mostly agnostic. All raised Christian or catholic. None of us practice. We believe the universe connects us all, and we are connected even more so by humanity. 

- Causes you support: Ministry of Caring, World Wildlife Foundation, Autism Awareness and Special Olympics  

- Your local scene: local media, venues, restaurants, activities - the Queen, the Grand, Catherine Rooneys, Logan House, Deer Park 

- Alcohol beverages: beer, liquor, and wine baby! No discrimination here 

- Any kind of smoke: yes lol 

- Favorite guitarist: David Gilmour, Jimi Hendrix, Gary Clark Jr, Jimmy Page, John Mayer 

- First concert: Alex went to Boston when he was 9 or 10. J’s was State Radio or Guster. Brendan’s was Warped Tour. Matt’s first concert without parents was Incubus. 

- Where would you like to tour: Immediate goal - Up and down the East Coast, short term - Festival circuit, long term - Globally 

-   Favorite visual artist – Salvador Dali, Monet, Banksy, Rembrandt, Milton Glaser, David Carson 

-   Favorite author/book(s): Authors - Vonnegut, Palahnuik, Neil Gaiman, George Orwell, Dostoyevsky, John Steinbeck 

         Books - Harry Potter, ASOIAF, American Gods, Stardust, Good Omens, The Art of War, Lords of Discipline, The Alchemist, Alice in Wonderland, Animal Farm, Brave New World, Lord of the Flies, Couples (Updike), The Fountainhead, too many to name 

         Fun fact: Matt wrote a children’s book about finances and compound interest. Will be published in 2020. 

-    Favorite poet/poem(s): lol ummm, all our faves are lyricists moreso than poets. Favorite lyricists are Elvis Costello, Alex Turner, Paul Simon, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Aesop Rock, Joe Strummer, Frank Black (Pixies), Biggie Smalls, Brian Sella (The Front Bottoms) 

-    Favorite old school TV show: Saved By the Bell, Fresh Prince, Boy Meets World, Seinfeld, South Park, Hey Arnold!, 

-   Music makes me.....(fill in the blank): happy and at home 

-   Favorite saying/ catch-phrase / mantra: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right" & "It is what it is"

-   Favorite rock star moment: Paul Simonon smashing his bass on stage. Dave Grohl continuing his show and tour after breaking his leg. When Rage Against the Machine’s Tim Commerford protested Limp Bizkit’s MTV Music Video Award by climbing up the set during their thank-you’s. When Childish Gambino didn’t show up to the Grammy’s after winning Record of the Year. Lennon saying the Beatles are bigger than Jesus. 

-   What inspires you? Authenticity, new and foreign sounds, there’s a little inspiration in everything! 

-   Pets: Jameo (Alex’s dog), Freyja, Sawyer, and Zorro (Matt’s dog and cats), Tess and Finn (Brendan’s dogs) 

-   Into Sports - which/who – # 3 out of 4 of us are Philly errythang! Mainly Eagles and Sixers. Alex likes Detroit Lions and Michigan State football and basketball. 

First album you bought: Man, this is embarrassing for Matt… The fuckin Lion King soundtrack! Haha! Alex’s was By the Way – RHCP, much cooler. J’s Californication - RHCP 

-   Any other hobbies/skills/sports – homebrewing, volleyball, soccer, basketball, going to the gym, disc golf 

-   Where do you hang out locally: Occupy Studio, dive bars, friends’ houses, Trolley Square 

- How do you feel when you play music: a mix of adrenaline and dopamine, otherwise known as on top of the world