About the Band

The haha charade story began in basements, living rooms, and garages. The band's underground following led to their founding in September 2018. Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, haha charade merges different genres to coin their unique style, which they attribute to a collaborative artistic approach to everything from songwriting to artwork and performance. 

The band consists of:

Alex Wade: Guitar, Vocals
Justin Lefler: Guitar, Vocals
Matt Bowe: Bass, Vocals
Brendan McBride: Drums

With three main songwriters in the group, each writer brings their own independent influences, from Punk, Garage Rock, Folk Rock, Reggae and Hip Hop. But overall, their sound roots in a love of Indie.  This creates the noteworthy, psychedelic, surfy vibe that can be found on their March of 2019 debut EP, We Are the Wolves EP.  

They released their self-titled debut album in January 2020 and are currently recording their sophomore album at Occupy Studio in Newark, which is slated for release in March 2021. 

Matt Bowe, Justin Lefler, Alex Wade, Brendan McBride

Matt Bowe, Justin Lefler, Alex Wade, Brendan McBride