Featured in DelawareToday Magazine "Best of DE 2020" edition

Haha Charade's music has a little something for everyone. Their music jumps from genre to genre, even in the middle of a song.”

Favorite Frequency

It’s addicting... Impossible not to sing along... If haha charade continues this trajectory they’re going to be taking over the festival scene.”

Indie Band Guru

A song to listen to facing the wind and everything that has to happen!”

Rock Fueguino

An easy one to recommend at high volume... Leads us into hypnotic new realms... Brilliant”

Stereo Stickman

It’s as if The Beegees and Earth, Wind, and Fire got together with Maroon 5 and Foster The People.”

Every Little Muse

Think of this as an album you could play while driving around with someone who might be your girlfriend, but you’re not sure if she likes you enough yet. She’ll move her body, maybe sing along a bit. You’ll get some cred for finding a new band and you won’t scare her out of the car.”

Divide and Conquer

The four-piece indie rock band is bringing youthful energy to Delaware’s music scene” - Scott Pruden


Intuitive chords, arranged into a wispy bop, the pop assertions of 'All at Stake' will get you up and going.”

Come Here Floyd

We play what we think sounds cool or new.”

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Press Photos - taken by Michelle Minner